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In this intriguing time-based trick two spectators are engaged in a unique experiment. One of them possesses a pocket watch while the other participant does not. The challenge is to create a remarkable coincidence involving the time displayed on the pocket watch.


    1. Set the Stage: Start by introducing the concept of a fascinating time experiment. Emphasize the idea of coincidence and how it can connect people even when they appear unrelated.
    2. Select Participants: Choose two willing participants from your audience. Give one of them the pocket watch, and let the other know that they will be involved in a unique test of coincidence.
    3. Request a Time: Instruct the participant without the pocket watch to think of a specific time. It can be any time of day, like 2:30 or 6:45, but make sure they keep it a secret.
    4. Set the time on the Pocket Watch: Give the pocket watch to the other participant, instructing them to hold it face down and turn the crown to set it to any time they choose. Emphasize that this is entirely their decision.
    5. Reveal the Coincidence: After the pocket watch’s time has been set, ask both participants to reveal the time they had in mind or they have on the Pocket Watch. To everyone’s amazement, the times match and it creates a remarkable coincidence.


    • Keep the presentation engaging and mysterious, building anticipation for the coincidence reveal.

    • Encourage audience participation by involving two spectators, enhancing the entertainment value.

    • Practice the timing of the reveal to ensure maximum impact when the matching times are unveiled.

    • Feel free to add your unique flair and storytelling to make the trick more captivating.
    • This concise routine relies on the element of surprise and the concept of coincidence, making it a quick and entertaining addition to your magic repertoire.