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Be the Force with You


In this magic routine, the magician possesses a hidden prediction (somewhere on the stage, or gives it to an audience member). He invites a spectator and entrusts them with a watch. The spectator is then asked to set the watch to a random time, unbeknownst to the magician and them, and this time will match the prediction. 


    1. Set the stage: Begin by setting the stage with an air of mystery, emphasizing your ability to predict events beyond the ordinary.
    2. Select participant: Invite a spectator to join you.
    3. Request a time: Give to the spectator the watch, ensuring it is set to the current time. Making it clear that the spectator should select this time freely and without any influence from you. 
    4. Placing the prediction: The spectator should set the watch face down by turning the crown. Meanwhile, you can discreetly reveal your prediction.
    5. Set the time on the Pocket Watch: Once the spectator has set the watch to their chosen time, approach them and take a moment to concentrate on the watch, building suspense. Dramatically reveal your prediction, which will match the exact time set by the spectator on the watch. 


    • Prepare the force time with the TimeSmith app. You can use SB Watch 2’s standalone mode as well.
    • Write down your prediction, or have a photo about it. You can also have a big wall clock with the time as a reveal.
    • Once the spectator “set the time”, make sure you set the force time.


    • Build an engaging narrative around your ability to predict the future, creating a captivating story that captivates your audience. 
    • Practice the timing and execution of the reveal to maximize the impact of the trick. 
    • Ensure the spectator feels in control of the choice they make when setting the watch. 
    • Keep the prediction well hidden until the crucial moment to maintain the element of surprise. 
    • Use your performance skills to maintain a sense of wonder and amazement throughout the routine, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.