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Secret Camera

To Use the Secret Camera Function

  1. Access Settings: Go to device settings.
  2. Photo Recognition: Find "photo recognition" in settings.
  3. Choose "Secret Photo": Select "secret photo" as the shoot method.
  4. Configure Settings: Set default camera, preview options, and mirroring preferences.
  5. Practice: Familiarize with gestures and practice using the preview screen.
  6. Gesture Controls: Single tap for photo, double tap to toggle preview, two-finger gestures to switch cameras.
  7. Remote Trigger: Understand remote options for triggering the camera.
  8. Capture Photos: Tap the screen or use the remote trigger for discreet photo capture.
  9. Troubleshoot: Flip photos if front camera recognition is an issue.
  10. Share for Analysis: Optionally share photos with the developer for analysis.
  11. Exit Secret Camera Mode: Long tap to exit and return to the main menu.

Here is a video, on how to set the time with the Secret Camera input: