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Fake Camera


Take a picture of a freely chosen written time and that time will appear on your SB Watch or on your PeekSmith.

The Fake Camera appears to be a real phone camera, allowing spectators to watch as you take a photo. However, it’s actually a simulated camera within the TimeSmith app, and you can even start the Fake Camera from a fake home screen.

Settings for Fake Camera

To access the photo recognition settings, follow these steps:


Click settings: Scroll down to find the “photo recognition” menu.

Choose photo shoot method: Within the photo recognition settings, you can choose the “photo shoot method.” Choose the “Fake Camera” option.

Add your fake home screen: You can also start the fake camera from a fake home screen, so if you want to use this, enable it under the photo shoot method. You will have to select a screenshot of your real home screen.

Tap on the Start: To confirm your selection and apply the chosen photo shoot method, simply tap on the “start” button.


There is also an option to “share photos with developer”. If you enable this, then we will save your photos on our server and we can manually analyze it and see if there is a mistake and we can discuss what went wrong with your photo.

Using Fake Camera

When you start the fake camera method with the start button it will display your home screen to make it appear authentic. You can tap anywhere on the screen to open the Fake Camera. By default, it uses the rear camera, but you can switch to the front camera if needed.

When you’re ready to take a photo, you can use this feature to capture the moment. After taking the photo, you can choose to accept it or retake it if you’re not satisfied. It’s important to mention that on different phones, the confirmation options may vary, such as “OK” or “Cancel,” so always select the accept option.

Once you accept the photo of a chosen time, it will display it on the screen of your PeekSmith and set the time on your SB Watch. Unfortunately, you won’t get a confirmation on the screen because the Fake Camera overlays the app, but you can check your SB Watch or your PeekSmith for the updated time.

To exit the Fake Camera, you can return to the fake home screen and long-tap to exit the main routine screen. This is how the Fake Camera function operates.

Additionally, if you want to use the front camera, it will automatically flip the photo for you. You can follow the same steps as with the rear camera, and the app will handle the image reversal automatically.

To use this Fake Camera Method just example ask your spectator to tell you any time, write it on a notepad, and say, that you want to take a photo and send it to remember this special moment.