Voice Recognition


In TimeSmith, voice recognition works by defining keywords that the app will listen for as you speak. These keywords should be used before and after the time you want to set. It is important to speak other words before the first keyword to make sure that the app is listening. It is recommended that you start voice recognition manually using secret swipes or a remote like SBMote Remote before you begin speaking. It is suggested that you review all the settings and watch the videos provided before attempting to use the voice recognition feature on your own.

Settings for Voice Recognition

Here is a breakdown of the settings for voice recognition in the TimeSmith app:

  • Speech language: This setting allows you to select the language that you will be speaking in.
  • Keywords before/after: These settings allow you to define keywords that the app will listen for as you speak. You can specify a keyword to be used before and after the desired timestamp. For example, if you set the keyword before to "you selected" and the keyword after to "right", you can say "You could've named any time, but you selected nine thirty-four, right?" to set the time to 9:34. You can add multiple keywords and combine them as you like.
  • Replace certain words: If the recognition engine falsely recognizes certain words, you can use this setting to have them automatically replaced with a different word or timestamp. To do this, you will need to enter the word(s) to be replaced, followed by a comma and the desired text (number or timestamp) to use instead. For example, if you want to replace the word "to" with the number 2, you would enter "to, 2". You can define as many replacements as you want.
  • Recognition check: This setting allows you to specify a keyword (phrase) that you can use to check if the speech recognition is active. If the app is listening, it will display "LISTENING" on the screen, and on attached devices like PeekSmith 3 if they are enabled in the ACCESSORIES settings.
  • Stop listening: This setting allows you to specify a keyword (phrase) that you can use to end the speech recognition.
  • Display recognised text: This setting determines whether the app should display all of the text that it has recognized.
  • Display result: This setting determines whether the app should display the custom time that has been recognized.
  • Red indicator: This setting determines whether the red indicator dot should be displayed during speech recognition.
  • Enable vibrations: This setting determines whether the phone should vibrate when it recognizes the custom time you have spoken.
  • Enable ON/OFF by remote: If you turn this option on, you will be able to use a compatible Bluetooth remote control to manually start and stop speech recognition. To do this, you will need to enable "Use BT keypad" in the MAIN settings. After you start the routine, tap in the custom time field to activate the Bluetooth keyboard input. On the Versa remote, press ZERO once to start and twice to end speech recognition. On other Bluetooth remotes/shutters, you can try pressing the buttons to see if the app will respond.

Using Voice Recognition on iOS

On iOS, the app will listen to your voice non-stop (after you activate it by touching the green "speech" button) using the Siri engine. However, recognition can stop and restart after a minute, so - as I mentioned above - it's recommended that you start voice recognition manually (either by using secret swipes, or a small BT remote) just before you need it.

Using Voice Recognition on Android

The only difference for Android is that once you manually start voice recognition and you don't say anything, it will quickly stop/restart every 2 seconds. Don't worry, because as soon as you start speaking, it won't stop listening until you finish your sentence. Also on Android the app won't display the recognised text as you speak, it will only display the result after you stop speaking.

On Android the app uses the recognition engine of the Google app. If you don't have the Google app installed, you can install it from the Play Store: click here to install the Google app


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