Luna KeyCard Cards

The Companions for the KeyCard App



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Premium quality paper cards
For the KeyCard app
Enchanting one-way Luna design


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The set contains 18 cards for Benke's KeyCard routine (part of the BSMagic app). The app turns your phone into a high-tech prop for your tricks. With these cards, each displaying a unique unlock pattern, you can now invite your audience to select one card and use its pattern to unlock your phone.

But here's the catch - only the card chosen by the spectator will successfully unlock your phone, leaving your audience in awe and wondering how you did it. Whether you're performing close-up magic or a stage show, this app is guaranteed to add a wow factor to your routine and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

To perform the trick, you should arrange them in a stacked order, so you will have to peek at the one next to the spectator picked.

The app will be available as a separate purchase later.

Premium Quality Cards

They were made from the same 3 layered paper as other decks used by magicians (Bicycle, Phoenix). We have created them with our Butta Finish™ which might be one of the best finishes on the market for cardistry or just for working with them. They were manufactured by one of the largest professional printing companies.

Luna Backs

The Luna design was created by András Bártházi (designed by wildgica). It is a moon and starry night-inspired one-way concept, with amazing details. As a one-way system, you can use them as any other one-way deck, for example:

  • you can separate the black and red faces and read the colors,
  • or you can ask the spectator to pick a card, you secretly rotate the deck in your hand and ask the spectator to insert her selection back into the deck.
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