What makes Mental Wave unique?

While there are many bone conduction devices on the market, we think our device is easy to palm or hide, coming with a bandana and coming with app support to use it with our ecosystem. This makes it more powerful than other devices.

What is the retail price of Mental Wave?

The price of Mental Wave is $397. Please read our Shipping page for details about VAT and customs fees.

How long Mental Wave is working after I fully charged?

The exact answer depends on the usage, but generally speaking it it can play audio for two hours and can work for a day stand-by.

What kind of battery does Mental Wave have?

It has a rechargeable LiPo battery.

How can I charge the device?

You can charge it with the micro-USB port. Plug it to your computer or wall charger. The device can be on or off. When the device is off, it will obviously charge faster. The LED is red while charging, and blue, when fully charged. It is about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

You can turn it on and connect to your phone to read the battery percentage. When you are charging the device, a slightly higher battery percentage will be reported.

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