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Forced Secrets


It is not a full routine itself, but you can use Mental Wave to implant a specific word into one person’s mind.

You can use it during the preshow phase, and refer to it during the show, like challenging another participant to reveal or find that implanted word. This word revelation can be used as a powerful finale in a PK touch or synchronization routine, or it can serve as a captivating introduction to inductions for hypnosis.

You can also use it as part of a one-ahead routine as a forced word. The key is to make the choice appear random and unrestricted. It will be dual reality, the participant will be amazed about getting the word, the audience will think it was a free choice. Have a great script that builds up dual reality.


  • Make sure the chosen word holds significant meaning or associations, engaging both participants and the audience on a deeper level.

  • Keep the word simple, easy to understand, and hard to mishear. You can aid in receiving the correct word by providing a helpful hint, such as asking participants to think about a famous location.

  • Encourage the participants to trust their instincts and not overthink their answers. Reinforce the idea that there are no right or wrong answers, only genuine connections.