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Bond of Connection

showcase an extraordinary connection between two spectators, demonstrating that they share an inexplicable bond. The routine involves two spectators, preferably a close-knit pair like a parent and child, a couple, coworkers, or friends. One spectator is blindfolded with the device, while the other may optionally wear a regular blindfold.

The magician wields a remote control like Atom, enabling them to send preprogrammed messages to the blindfolded spectator through the bone conduction device. These messages prompt the blindfolded spectator to perform specific actions, such as raising their left or right hand, showing a number with their fingers, or shaking their head. Simultaneously, the magician can convey identical instructions to the other spectator or their assistant, resulting in an awe-inspiring synchronization between the two individuals.

Example Presentation

Magician (addressing the audience): “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we delve into the mysterious realm of human connections. What you are about to witness is a display of an inexplicable bond between two extraordinary individuals.”

(The magician introduces the two participants, let’s call them Alex and Morgan, who are a couple.)

Magician: “Alex, Morgan, please put on these blindfolds. You will not see what the other does, but your mind will trick you about hearing each other.”

(Alex puts on the “Mental Wave” blindfold, and Morgan chooses to wear the regular one.)

Magician: “Now, I possess a remote control with the power to convey messages only Alex can perceive. Observe closely, as we explore the unseen bond between them.”

(The magician secretly communicates with Alex through the bone conduction device.)

Magician (to Morgan): “Morgan, raise one of your hands.”

(Morgan raises their left hand.)

Magician (to Alex, through the device): “Alex, raise your left hand.”

(Alex raises their left hand simultaneously, seemingly mirroring Morgan’s action.)

Magician: “Incredible, isn’t it? But we’ve only just begun. Morgan, show a number with your raised hand.”

(Morgan displays three fingers.)

Magician (to Alex, through the device): “Alex, show the number ‘3’ with your fingers.”

(Alex shows three fingers, perfectly in sync with Morgan.)

Magician: “Astonishing! But can they also move as one?”

Magician (to Morgan): “Morgan, take one step to left, right, forward, or backward.”

(Morgan takes a step to the right.)

Magician (to Alex, through the device): “Alex, take one step to your right.”

(Alex takes a step to the right, matching Morgan’s movement flawlessly.)

Magician: “It’s as if they share a mind! Let’s take this further.”

(The magician continues the routine, directing both spectators through a series of actions that they flawlessly mimic, further demonstrating their remarkable bond.)


  1. Participant Selection: Choose participants who have a genuine connection, such as a parent and child, a couple, close friends, or coworkers. Their bond will enhance the emotional impact of the routine.
  2. Preparation and Practice: Program the PeekSmith app with specific messages and actions. Rehearse the routine thoroughly to ensure smooth execution and synchronization between the participants.
  3. Presentation and Theatrics: As a magician, your presentation skills are crucial. Create an aura of mystery and wonder around the routine to captivate the audience’s imagination.
  4. Invisible Communication: The success of the routine lies in your ability to discreetly communicate with the blindfolded participant. Master the use of the remote control to send messages unnoticed by the audience.
  5. Empathy and Sensitivity: Be mindful of the blindfolded participant’s comfort and safety. Ensure they are at ease with the blindfold and the actions they are asked to perform.
  6. Engaging the Audience: Involve the audience by asking them to observe closely and feel the emotional connection between the participants. Engaging the audience’s emotions enhances the impact of the routine.
  7. Reveal and Conclusion: End the routine with a powerful revelation or emotional message that reinforces the idea of the unbreakable bond between the participants.

Remember, the “Bond of Connection” routine is not just about the tricks but also about creating a heartwarming and awe-inspiring experience for the audience, leaving them with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the mysterious connections we share with those we hold dear.