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Mental Connection


In this captivating magic routine, the magician wields Mental Wave to create a mesmerizing spectacle. The routine involves a single spectator who appears to be “hypnotized” by the magician’s instructions, perfectly following their lead. Using a remote control, the magician initiates prerecorded instructions and cleverly acts according to these instructions, while the spectator mirrors their every move flawlessly. As the routine unfolds, it evokes amusement, wonder, and a sense of shared consciousness between the magician and the spectator.

Example Presentation

Magician (addressing the audience): “Tonight we embark on a journey into the depths of the mind, exploring the intriguing phenomenon of ‘Mental Connection.’ Watch closely as we witness the incredible synchronization between the magician and the willing mind of our remarkable spectator.”

(The magician introduces the participant, let’s call him Jake, who eagerly volunteers to be part of the act.)

Magician: “Now, Jake, prepare to be enchanted. Take this blindfold, so you will not see what I’m doing. Don’t cheat! You will find yourself responding to my instructions as if they were your very thoughts.”

(Jake looks intrigued and excited to participate.)

Magician: “But before we begin, let’s do a test.”

(The magician discreetly activates the prerecorded instructions on the remote.)

Magician (to the audience): “Watch closely as I raise one of my hands.”

(The magician raises their right hand.)

Magician: “Jake, focus intently, and follow my lead.”

(Jake follows the instruction he hears via Mental Wave and raises his right hand, appearing to be under the spell of the magician.)

Magician (to the audience): “Now, let’s add a little flourish.”

(The magician gracefully waves their hand, and waits for Jake’s move.)

(Jake mirrors the wave, much to the delight of the audience.)

From now on, the magician keeps silent, and touches his nose, do some dance moves, steps to the left and the right, and so on. Jake “follows” all the moves.

The magician can add some twists:

  • While the magician announces to the audience that he is dancing, he can just close his mouth with his hand – the spectator will get the right instruction, and close his mouth with their hand.

  • The magician steps to the right, while the instruction the spectator gets is stepping to the left – it looks like the spectator made a mistake. Now the magician looks surprised and scratches his head – and the spectator now repeats the correct move – it will look comical.

The final instruction can be a bow towards the audience.


  1. Participant Engagement: Choose a willing and enthusiastic participant like Jake, someone who is open to having fun and engaging with the audience.

  2. Script and Preparations: Create a well-scripted routine with prerecorded instructions that are clear and easy to follow. Practice your actions to ensure seamless execution.

  3. Facial Expressions and Gestures: Emphasize facial expressions and gestures, as they add depth and entertainment to the routine. Encourage your participant to mimic your emotions.

  4. Humor and Light-heartedness: Incorporate moments of humor and playfulness into the routine. This will not only entertain the audience but also put the participant at ease.

  5. Remote Control Mastery: Master the use of the remote control to trigger the prerecorded instructions smoothly and discreetly.

  6. Audience Interaction: Engage the audience by involving them in the process, encouraging them to witness the connection between the magician and the participant.

  7. Build-up and Climax: Gradually increase the complexity of the instructions to build anticipation, leading to an impressive and climactic moment in the routine.

Remember, “Mental Connection” is all about creating a delightful and immersive experience for both the participant and the audience. It celebrates the connection between people through magic, leaving everyone with a sense of wonder and astonishment at the power of the human mind.