2022 Black Friday

Black Friday is rolling in at Electricks. We are starting our FIVE DAYS FESTIVE on 25 November, and we have our FREE TURBO shipping with FedEx (for orders over 197 USD) until the end of December. Get ready for our offers.

We are announcing a new offer every day at 5 PM CET / 9 AM PST starting on 25 November and ending on 29 November. The offer will be limited to a small stock and valid until the end of the campaign. You can expect some mind-blowing offers and fascinating bundles as well.

Every offer will be shared in our Electricks Facebook group, and we will send a newsletter as well (subscribe for the latest news).

Benke Smith apps - with 25-30% discount

Buy something from us during our Black Friday campaign, and you are eligible to get big discounts on Benke's apps. After your purchase, you can contact him at https://m.me/benke.smith or https://bsmagic.app/contact. For more information about the apps, please visit https://bsmagic.app/.

  • CubeSmith: 120 USD (regular price is 160 USD)
  • TimeSmith: 80 USD (regular price is 110 USD)
  • DiceSmith: 60 USD (regular price is 80 USD)
  • Mental Painter: 21 USD (regular price is 30 USD)
  • ACAAN: 17 USD (regular price is 25 USD)
  • Superhero Domino: 10 USD (regular price is 15 USD)

Our Black Friday offers

❤️ SALE ❤️ 25 November - PeekSmith 3 + Nest - SOLD OUT

❤️ SALE ❤️ 26 November - Glyphs + PeekSmith Multi-Display

❤️ SALE ❤️ 27 November - SBWatch wristwatches -- SBWatch pocket watches

❤️ SALE ❤️ 28 November - ???

❤️ SALE ❤️ 29 November - ???

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