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ScaleSmith App

On iOS install the app from TestFlight (open this URL on your iPhone):


On Android install the app from Google Play:


(On Android upon the first start please update to v1.1.17, a new Google Play update will come soon!)

If you made the pre-order, you can enter your activation codes in the app (Settings - USER SETTINGS).

If you missed the pre-order, you can still try connecting your compatible scale and test if it works (no routines available).

I hope most of the features are easy to understand, anyway, we will shoot a few tutorial videos in the near future!

Supported bluetooth scales at launch: SoulMate (by Electricks & Wenzi), Rainman (by Labco), Pitata Scale, Inno-Sense (by Lukas). Other bluetooth scales might be supported later per individual request, for a custom fee.


After the first connection of your scale, please tap on "Details", and do the "empty" calibration (TARE) and also the 50g calibration (by placing 50 BLUE Bicycle cards on the scale). For card routines you should also do the 52 card calibration (once). You can also select from several auto-calibration options for the selected routine.

More info in the near future.