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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new website commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Houdini, the legendary escape artist.

🌐 https://LifeOfHoudini.com

We take immense pride in the fact that Houdini’s extraordinary life began in the enchanting city of Budapest. Our goal is to honor his legacy by creating a memorial site, and plaque at the very place of his birth.

Fundraising for a Memorial Plaque

Believe it or not, the world’s greatest escape artist has no memorial plaque at the place of his childhood residence.

You can help! We aim to install a memorial plaque at the downtown Budapest building where Houdini was born, paying tribute to one of history’s greatest illusionists. The design and size of the plaque will be determined by the funds raised; should the collected amount fall short, we’ll opt for a smaller yet equally meaningful plaque.

Please provide us with your email address, and we will send you all the relevant details. (You are subscribing to a dedicated newsletter, and will only get Houdini related content.)

We are currently in the process of establishing a fundraising solution, and we will keep you informed about how you can contribute, and what is the status of creating the plaque.

After our campaign our fundraisers will be displayed on the Life of Houdini website.

Installing a plaque involves several requirements. Firstly, we require the support of the residents of the building where the plaque is intended to be installed. Secondly, local government officials must approve the installation. This bureaucratic process is expected to take months, and success is not guaranteed.

In the unfortunate event of unsuccessful installation, all contributions will be refunded.