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Pick a Color

The Routine

It’s basically a variation of the Kurotsuke routine where you not only tell who picked the “master die”, but you can tell who picked which color (for all the dice). You can set a timer (“Shake all to reset”) which will be used to start/restart the routine, by shaking ALL DICE at once for that period of time (for example 5 seconds). When the routine is started, the app will display the color of the die that was moved last (picked by the spectator). Make sure you hold the bag still after they pick a die! When the die that’s picked is registered (color displayed and position vibrated), you can shake the bag again and offer the remaining dice to the next spectator… Previously picked dice won’t trigger the motion sensor! To restart the routine, just shake all dice again for X seconds… Positions (for the vibration) are always in color order: white, black, red, blue, and spotless.