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“Benke and Andras are the dynamic duo. The perfect combination of hardware and software. Their stuff just works. And they enable you to create miracles. I’ve chosen to integrate their technology into the Stranger app to create perfect moments… for my users… and for me. As a performer myself, these tools and effects enhance my own act in immeasurable ways.”

- Jonathan Levit (Creator of The Stranger)

"I follow Elecktricks from the very beginning and can't praise enough their products! They are absolutely top notch, incredibly reliable and the customer support is totally outstanding. In fact, I use their products all the time with great success. I will follow and share with you in the near future some of my ideas which I could realize with their products... It is like dreams become true! I love also the fact that you combine the products with so many different applications and other apps. Elecktricks gets without any doubt my highest recommendation!" 

- Jan Forster, Germany

"I've been doing magic with a Rubik's Cube for longer than I care to remember, and I have seen, bought, played with, tried out or performed virtually every single Rubik-related trick, prop, book, DVD or routine. Benke's CubeSmith comfortably stands head and shoulders above all of them as the greatest piece of Rubik magic ever released. The number of incredible routines you can perform with it is outrageous and his after sales service and support is phenomenal. Sell every other Rubik magic thing you have, it's now redundant. Benke won. Highest recommendation."

- Mark Elsdon

"SB watch is the most reliable and advance magic watch in the market. A truly worker!!!"

- Jm Pesce

"As a CubeSmith, TimeSmith, PeekSmith and soon DiceSmith user with their appropriate products, I have to say I have never been so impressed by the sheer amount of app updates / features, routine versatility and customer service by any other magic duo. Some of my best purchases ever!"

- Angelo Carbone

I am finding the SB Watch to be one of the best tools for a working mentalist. I been doing this for years and also a magic shop owner and used so many watches over the years but this one is on me every day. It works 100% of the time and for the price it has so much functionality and it keeps getting better with each upgrade.

- Jonathan Smith

I own the PeekSmith and app, TimeSmith app and SBWatch and soon the DiceSmith with Spotted Dice along with many APPs that all work together which is Great. And the service as well as many updates to the apps is also very good. If you want a whole show with many things that work together this is the way to go I highly recommend these products.

- Tom Kvale

Your products are AWESOME. Your customer service is SENSATIONAL ABSOLUTELY 100% PHENOMENAL

- Drake Drego

Hi, I would like to congratulate with Benke for the accuracy of his support about his product during all this years.

His work Is ALWAYS supported by his constant presence.

It was a pleasure to get your products !!!

- Gianni Mattiolo  

TimeSmith is best app I ever found in wizarding world. The watches are reliable, beautiful and guaranteed and the app is constantly evolving with many ways to set the time we want. Highly recommended

- Massimo Cerchietti Zannoni

I purchased both the SB Wrist Watch and Pocket Watch. Both have been great to use and phenomenally easy to set up and use. Support and service is second to none with responses and replies very often within minutes of posting a query. Highly recommend.

- Dave Royal

Andras Barthazi's products are the gold standard in electronic mentalism and come with great customer service.

- Anthony Bruno

Beside any ingenious product, there is always a magical collaboration and careful research to offer the best quality ever. Andras & Benke are the true example of what the word "magic" means: passion & research. They are an amazing duo that allow you to create real miracles in front of your audience thanks to their great products! I proudly own and use all of them in my shows, I never had a problem and they never fail. My advice is: try it to believe and you will never get displeased! Last but not least, their customer service is simply outstanding. If you need help, just ask and you will never be alone! "Ad Maiora Semper!"

- Tony D'Amico

András is a literal genius. This is by far the best product I've ever purchased. I have been performing for over 10 years and have never felt as clean and convincing as I do when I have my PeekSmith. It's truly incredible. I had 2 issues with my device, and instead of talking to a big magic dealer company, András PERSONALLY solved my issue within a day. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. If you want the best product, the best customer service and the best friggen peek on the market, get a PeekSmith!!!

- Ryan Lackey