Twisting Magic Cube Shell

Read the Color the Spectator Chooses

It is an accessory of Seamus Mjollnir. You can partially turn the cube to make it more convincing. Compatible with our 16mm dice.



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The Twisting Magic Cube Shell for Spotted Dice can hide a 16mm Spotted Dice (for example you can use a blank die and name the sides, but compatible with all our 16mm dice).

Using the DiceSmith app, you can read the color selected by the spectator (the top color). While similar shells were available on the market before, the Twisting Magic Cube Shell can be slightly twisted to look more convincing.

What's included

Compatible with

  • DiceSmith app - name the sides according to the colors
  • one Twisting Magic Cube shell

We also plan to add CubeSmith support for the "One color only" routine, and PeekSmith 3's standalone mode (you will be able to set up the side colors when you directly connect PeekSmith 3 to the die).


Dimensions: 37mm x 37mm x 37mm

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