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Black Friday 2023

Our Black Friday 2023 Campaign is Here

Electricks has great news to share, our Black Friday - Cyber Monday offers started to arrive. Last year's Black Friday was so magical, we decided to pull the rabbit out of the hat again this year.

Prepare for unique deals with up to 20% (or more) discounts day by day. It's practically a spellbinding steal! We are going to collect all the deals here for you. Please note, that the daily offers are limited to 5-10 products, while the others have no limit like that.

We are going to introduce a new product on the last day of our sales, Ray.

Unlimited Offers

These offers will be available throughout the entire campaign and have no stock limit (except if we sell them all).

Friday: 👁️ Celebrating PeekSmith 3 (📲 Apps)

PeekSmith is your go-to electronic peeking device. Thousands sold, and we're just getting started. Collaborating with app developers and product creators, we now offer PeekSmith bundles with supported apps and essential accessories. If you are planning to buy a PeekSmith 3, you don’t want to miss these offers.

Buy a bundle of PeekSmith 3 with an app:

  • PS3 + Inject 2 by Greg Rostami
    10 pcs only for 237 USD + VAT (instead of 310 USD)
  • PS3 + Cognito by Lloyd Barnes and Owen Garfield
    10 pcs only for 227 USD + VAT (instead of 275 USD)
  • PS3 + R.B.M. by Craig Squires & Benke Smith
    10 pcs only for 227 USD + VAT (instead of 277 USD)
  • PS3 + Pi Revelations (Pocket Size) by David Penn
    10 pcs only for 207 USD + VAT (instead of 282 USD)
  • PS3 + A.C.A.A.N. by Benke Smith + 2x Bicycle Deck
    10 pcs only for 227 USD + VAT (instead of 281 USD)
  • PS3 + Mental Painter by Benke Smith + Mental Painter cards
    10 pcs only for 217 USD + VAT (instead of 285 USD)
  • PS3 + ESP Test by Benke Smith + ESP Test cards
    10 pcs only for 207 USD + VAT (instead of 295 USD)
  • PS3 + Card Detector by Benke Smith
    10 pcs only for 207 USD + VAT (instead of 266 USD)
  • PS3 + SuperHero Domino by Benke Smith + Super Hero Domino cards
    10 pcs only for 207 USD + VAT (instead of 261 USD)
  • PS3 + Color Clown by Benke Smith + Color Clown cards
    10 pcs only for 207 USD + VAT (instead of 275 USD)
  • PS3 + Key Card by Benke Smith + Key Card cards
    10 pcs only for 207 USD + VAT (instead of 275 USD)

All these sets include a PeekSmith 3 and the app, and some of the offers include decks or cards, too.

Saturday: ⌚️⏱️ The Watch Day

We are selling several wristwatch models and pocket watches and just introduced our MetalWriting combo with Andreas Sebring.

We have two updates about MetalWriting SB Watch, not it is available in brass color (compatible with our King's Cross and Anchor watches), and we are selling the kit separately, without the SB Watch, so you can also buy it if you already have an SB Watch Pocket Edition.

Sunday: 🟩 The CubeSmith Day

I think I've made a huge mistake, some of the offers have more than 35% discounts... You will never see these prices again (unfortunately).

CubeSmith holds a special place as one of the initial apps we collaborated on with Benke. To enhance your experience, we're curating exclusive bundles for you. Our CubeSmith related offers are summarized on this page: Our CubeSmith Kits.

I think we have an offer for everyone. I won't be able to list all of them, please look around, and compare all the variations.

CubeSmith Flexible Kit

These are the best offers. You get the CubeSmith app and 2 cubes, and the Luna CubeSmith cards. And if you add a few more bucks, you can get Cube 52 by Craig Petty, the One Face Pattern add-on for CubeSmith and a PeekSmith 3.

  • CubeSmith Flexible Kit
    20 pcs from 247 USD to 529 USD
  • CubeSmith app + 2 Classic cubes + Luna CubeSmith Cards +
    Cube 52 by Craig Petty + One Face Pattern CS app add-on

    279 USD (instead of 437 USD)

CubeSmith Basic Kit

This is the most basic set, contains the CubeSmith app and a cube.

  • CubeSmith Basic Kit
    10 pcs from 197 USD to 257 USD
  • CubeSmith app + a Classic cube
    207 USD (instead of 289 USD)

CubeSmith Cube

It is a single cube offer, which we won't be able to discount now.

It's important to note that starting next year, both the app and cube prices will be subject to a significant increase. Seize this opportunity now as these prices are too good to last!

Monday: 🧲 The Unveiling of Ray

Our brand new product is 🧲 Ray. Ray is a magnet sensor device. It can work with the PeekSmith app and PeekSmith 3 in standalone mode. Depending on the strength of the magnet, it can detect objects up to 20 cm (I have reached it with a simple PK ring), but 9-10 cm is working for almost all magnetic coins I have tested with. Great for which-hand routines, but capable for other tricks as well (you can figure out where a magnetized object is). And that’s not all, it has a motion sensor and accelerometer inside.

Ray is using our Spotted Dice 2 technology. It is one of our core technologies, and we are dedicated to support and improve over time. Ready for firmware updates, and we plan to release new features and routines for it.

And the bad news. We cannot present you Ray with a video, and show you how it works exactly. The Ray post in the Electricks Facebook group has some details though, and added some more information in the comments. Because of this, we are going to sell only 10 pcs now. Happy to respond to all your questions, and going to work on releasing more materials.

You can read the documentation, and tell us what you miss: https://electricks.info/docs/ray/ - our plan is sharing some routine ideas and more details about handling the device.

  • Ray + a magnetic coin (coins by Tango Magic)
    217 USD (instead of 276 USD - the coins are worth 22-30 USD)

More Than a Deal

We have some additional delights in store for those who choose to treat themselves during our Black Friday to Cyber Monday campaign:

  • 🎁 Receive a free SB Mote with every purchase – your very own magical sidekick.
  • 🚚 Just forget about the shipping fees – enjoy FREE shipping for all our daily deals (free shipping from 197 USD).
  • 💰 Spend 500 USD or more and receive a 10% coupon for January redemption – because starting the new year with savings is practically a resolution… 😉
  • 💸 Go for the gold with 1000 USD or more spendings, and voila… receive a 15% coupon for January – because big magicians deserve big discounts.

Feel free to make separate orders, we will group them and ship them together from Tuesday.