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⌚SB Watch 2
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We named our design Luna, inspired by the Moon. Luna represents the Moon Goddess, and our design reflects the magic of the night. The Moon text on the deck adds mystery. It helps keep the secret of the deck’s tricks hidden from curious eyes online (prevents easy searching on Google).

Special Features

Our box has special features. On the front, you’ll see four small cards showing what’s inside—whether it’s our poker or flash-card deck. We’ll add more types later, so this helps you know what’s in the box.
There’s a secret on the bottom of the box: it predicts the seven of diamonds. You can make someone choose that card and then reveal the prediction matches.
Our deck comes wrapped in protective foil, and it also features a convenient tear strip for easy opening. Just pull the small handle, and the folie will quickly open, allowing you to access your cards effortlessly.
The back of our box matches the design of our card. Holding a card with the box conceals it well, fooling spectators into not realizing it’s there. This sets the stage for classic routines, like magically pulling a card out of a closed box.

Open the Deck

When you open our deck, you’ll discover four stickers adorned with a moon design. You can use these stickers to arrange the cards and reseal the box. This allows you to create the illusion of using an unopened box during performances. With some false shuffles, spectators will believe the cards are in a random order, while you maintain control of the arrangement.