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Paper Quality

Luna cards aren’t just premium; they’re a masterpiece we’ve spent years perfecting, experimenting with dozens of papers, finishes, and manufacturing processes. Let’s delve into why I firmly believe they are so good. Apologies if the following sounds like marketing jargon, but I want to emphasize my genuine confidence in these cards.
You crack open the deck, and slide the cards into your palm — it’s a ritual you know well. But this time, there’s a subtle difference. As you start to handle them, it’s unmistakable — they’re amazing. Perfect for both novices and seasoned pros, these cards elevate every move, every flourish.

Three-Layered Design

It’s the familiar structure you’ve encountered with other premium cards. This construction isn’t merely cosmetic; it’s what empowers you to craft gaffed cards. It enhances the cards’ flexibility and bendability, opening up a world of moves.

Easy Shuffle - Butta Finish

Our Butta finish isn’t just smooth; it’s silky perfection. Why does this matter? Even as an amateur magician, I can easily open the deck with no gaps. You need precision, control, and speed. Our Butta finish provides just that. It’s like the cards were made to dance in your hands.
In a market flooded with options, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. But when it comes to quality, craftsmanship, and sheer performance, our cards will be there to prove my words.