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The spirit of Houdini unlocks Special Halloween deals for you! 😉

5-Day Long Sales Campaign & Great CubeSmith Updates

Electricks has some great news to share: CubeSmith, Ghostmove, Pocket Watch, Mental Wave, MetalWriting, PeekSmith, SuperPeek, Spotted Dice, Vision Glasses deals are coming... since we have so many reasons to celebrate, we’ve brewed up a series of exclusive treats for our beloved community — offering unique deals with up to 20% discounts day by day, from Friday to Wednesday (27 October - 1 November).

👻 Halloween is Coming to Electricks

October 31st isn't just Halloween, a day already brimming with mystery and allure: it holds even deeper significance for the magicians and illusionists worldwide, it marks the anniversary of the tragic passing of the legendary illusionist and escape artist, Harry Houdini. As we revel in the festivities, the magicians also pay homage to a true master of the craft.

As we approach this date, join us in celebrating both the haunting allure of Halloween & National Magic Week with the indelible mark Houdini left on the world of magic — we will share the details of the daily deals on their given day from Friday to Wednesday. Sit tight, we will keep you posted in our next newsletter on Friday!

⏰ Starts on Friday

Our campaign's official launch is scheduled for this Friday at 6 PM CET / 9 AM PST. Each day for 5 days, we will unveil a series of exclusive limited-time and limited-quantity offers. You can secure these deals at their exclusive prices until the allocated stock runs out, or the campaign ends.

Be sure to mark your calendar – you don't want to miss out on our incredible offers.

🎉 Halloween Boondles & Their Schedule

Starting on Friday (27 October):
We have just released a CubeSmith app update, that impressively improved the PeekSmith 3 compatibility, introducing a new solving moves screen with a progress bar and steps count, added support for displaying colorful icons, and also got Spotted Dice compatibility for the "One Color Only" routine to select a color.

Each of these special deals will remain accessible until Wednesday or until our Halloween inventory is depleted!

Starting on Saturday (28 October):
We've had a successful history of selling numerous GhostMove devices, and we still have a few units available in stock. GhostMove is a compact, cap-sized motion sensor that allows you to track any object's movement (hide it in an object). It's powered by a button battery (CR2032), the same type used in our watches. The GhostMove app supports the motion sensor in our SB Watches (both wristwatches and pocket watches) and Spotted Dice as well.

This offer is going to be accessible until Wednesday, but only have 10 sets to sell.

Starting on Sunday (29 October):
First and foremost, we have just proudly released our cooperation with Andreas Sebring: a pocket watch MetalWriting kit. It was an instant success, and we have only 3 sets left. You can still get this product for the intro price, and once we go out of stock, we will raise its price. We are also offering 20% discount on our pocket watches and traditional (non-Bluetooth) watches those are great to giving them out after a performance.

Each of these special deals will remain accessible until Wednesday or until our Halloween inventory is depleted!

Starting on Monday (30 October):
Mental Wave is our bone conduction device, Vision is our audio smart glasses, they are both offering audio help. Most of our apps, including the PeekSmith app are offering information with generated voice, which you can utilize with these devices. Bone conduction is a multi-purpose technology, it is not just you can get the information, but you can "plant" it into the head of the spectator - like a ghost whispering in their head.

  • Mental Wave - Whispers in Your Head
    $317 + VAT (only 15 devices)
  • Electricks Vision - Your Secret Audio Assistant
    $167 + VAT (just 5 glasses)

Starting on Tuesday (31 October):
PeekSmith 3 is the hearth of our product line. Integrated with not just our apps and devices, but most of the magic apps on the market. Magicians are in love with this tiny device, and it become the de-facto standard to peek information electronically. We are developing it day and night, it has a new feature for almost every month.

Grab SuperPeek Sharpie or PeekSmith 3 now, depending on what is the best for your performance - they all have the same features.

🎩 About Harry Houdini

Some (fun) facts for footnote... Like all the Electricks products in the recent years, Harry also was born in Budapest in 1874. Then two decades later, Houdini's rise to global stardom was meteoric, mesmerizing audiences with his daring escape acts. Not only was he a tour de force on stage, but off it, he played an instrumental role in shaping the magic community serving as the impactful president of the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.), the world's oldest fraternal magic organization. In honor of his lasting legacy, S.A.M. commemorates October 31st as the charity-driven National Magic Day in the United States.

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