Luna NFC/RFID Poker Cards

Read the cards electronically.

Every Luna NFC/RFID cards have an NFC chip inside (ISO 14443 Type A 13.56 MHz), so you can read the card the spectator chooses.


Amazing quality plastic cards
For the PeekSmith, TimeSmith apps
Enchanting one-way Luna design


Product details

Read the card the spectator chooses by your phone or Hugo Shelley's Insight!

Every Luna NFC/RFID cards have an NFC chip inside (ISO 14443 Type-A 13.56 MHz). They were manufactured by a professional printing company, using plastic cards with a paper-like surface. Their quality is just amazing. Make sure you check our blank NFC/RFID cards as well to customize them with stickers or write some information to them with a marker.

You can use the cards with:

  • the PeekSmith app + your phone's NFC reader (assign any values to the cards)
  • the PeekSmith app + the Insight reader (program the cards with the Insight app)
  • PeekSmith 3 + the Insight reader (PS3 connects to the Insight reader and displays the card values)

The cards are compatible with Hugo Shelley's Insight, and with most mobile phones with an NFC/RFID reader - the latest iPhones and also Android phones are compatible. Please check your phone's specs, as some big brands have no NFC/RFID readers in them. If you can pay contactless with your phone at a Visa or MasterCard terminal, it is likely that your phone has a reader, but we cannot guarantee it.

Luna Card Backs

The Luna back design was created by András Bártházi (designed by wildgica). It is a moon and starry night-inspired one-way design, with amazing details. As a one-way design, you can use the cards as any other one-way deck, for example:

  • separate the black and red cards and read the colors,
  • or ask the spectator to select a card, then secretly rotate the rest of the cards, and finally ask the spectator to put her selection back into the deck.

Familiar Card Faces

Our poker deck includes 52 + 2 cards. They have a generic poker card face design. Their surface is like paper and of premium quality.

Working with the Cards

The cards are Poker sized (about 63mm x 88mm). Our main goal was to create durable cards, as they are not the cards you would like to trash after a few days of usage. Made from plastic, they can be cleaned with warm water, and also can be blended. Their thickness is about 0.38mm, which is slightly thicker than normal paper cards (normal cards are usually about 0.31mm thick). Roughly 44 of them fit into a regular card box.

These cards are not suitable for cardistry. You can handle them as normal cards, but they are not as flexible and smooth as a Bicycle paper card with an Air-cushion® finish. If you have worked with similar plastic cards without NFC chips, then you have an idea of they look.

The cards are not preprogrammed, as RFID readers are not using a standardized solution to store card data. You will have to program them when you get them.

Cards and PeekSmith 3 in standalone mode

PeekSmith 3 can connect to the Insight reader via Bluetooth on its own, without a phone. When you read a card with the Insight reader, PeekSmith 3 will display the card value on its screen. In this scenario, you can use the official Insight app to program them.

Cards and the PeekSmith app

The PeekSmith app can connect to Hugo Shelley's Insight reader, or can use your phone's RFID reader to read the cards. When connected to the Insight reader, the app will display the card value on the PeekSmith screen.

If you use the Insight reader to read the card, you should use the official Insight app to program them. If you would like to use your phone's reader, you have to train the app with the texts you would like to assign to the cards.

Cards and the TimeSmith app

The TimeSmith app can read the cards similarly as the PeekSmith app. Currently the phone's NFC/RFID reader is supported prorperly, however you will be able to use the Insight reader as well, and map card value to time. We recommend using the blank face cards and writing the time on them with a permanent marker, but you can also tell the spectator to pick a poker card by looking at their face, and reveal the time on the back of the card.

What's included

  • 52 + 2 cards wrapped in plastic
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