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Calibrate the Scale

Before you start, it’s important to calibrate using your playing cards. You can use any deck you like. Please note that we are going to do the calibration with the full deck (all the cards, not just one), to increase precision.

Calibrating is crucial for two reasons. First, various decks use different types of paper, resulting in slight but meaningful weight differences. Second, the surface you place the scale on matters—a soft mat can give different weight readings compared to a hard wooden table.

Follow these steps to calibrate your setup:

Now you’re set to go for your performance!

  1. Access the menu by double-pressing the action button.
  2. Navigate through menu options by pressing the button. Long-press the button to select an option.
  3. Choose the stack you want to use
  4. Enter the menu again with a double-press of the action button.
  5. Select the Calibration option by long-pressing the button.
  6. Place as many cards (The number of cards may vary depending on the selected stack e.g., 54 cards with jokers or 52 cards without) or objects on the scale as the display says.
  7. Press the action button to measure the cards or objects.
  8. The process will finish quickly, and the calibration value will be saved.

Don’t forget! You have to calibrate each stack!

Now you’re set to go for your performance!