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What Makes SoulMate Unique?

SoulMate, born from our collaboration with Wenzi, represents the next level of his intelligent scale. It has a dedicated peek display for quick access to information and seamlessly integrates with PeekSmith 3 and the ScaleSmith app.

It allows for instant revelation of the number and specific cards cut, predicting the next card effortlessly. With the ability to handle three spectators cutting the deck at random, it excels in identifying their chosen cards. Effortlessly master well-known memorized deck stacks and extend its performance beyond cards to various everyday objects like keys, coins, chewing gum, dice, and more.

What is the Retail Price of SoulMate?

The price of SoulMate is 427,24. Please read our Shipping page for details about VAT and customs fees.

How Can I Place an Order?

You can buy them in our Electricks Magic Shop. Please visit the SoulMate product page.

How Can I Wake Up (Turn ON) the Scale and the Display?

Both have a small toggle/power button that needs to be pushed to the right.

How Can I Turn OFF the Scale and the Display?

Push the toggle/ power button to the left.

How Can I Charge the Scale and the Display?

You can charge both with USB-C charging cable.

Is it Waterproof?

It is not water-proof, keep it away from water or wetness.

What is Included in a SoulMate order?

It contains a SoulMate Smart Scale, a SoulPeek Display, an USB-C charging cable. Optional it contains also a ScaleMith App Actiovation Conde or a PeekSmith 3 Display.