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Multiple Cuts


In this card revelation routine, you will easily determine the chosen cards of three spectators.


1: Select your participants: Choose up to three volunteers from the audience who wish to assist in this intriguing card trick.

2: Explain the essence of the trick: Hand the deck to the first participant and ask them to cut it at any point they desire. Then, instruct them to memorize their chosen card and return it anywhere into the lifted deck. Ask the other two spectators to also cut the deck and select their own cards, just as the first spectator did.

3: Reveal the chosen cards: Reveal to the audience that you know which three cards were chosen by the three spectators on the stage. Surprise them further by stating the total number of cards lifted by all three individuals combined.


Utilize the SoulPeek or PeekSmith 3 to effortlessly reveal the selected cards of the participants.


Ensure each participant freely selects a card from the deck without any influence, ensuring there's no prior manipulation or subsequent bias.