Luna NFC/RFID Flash Cards

Read the Cards Electronically

Every Luna NFC/RFID cards have an NFC chip inside (ISO 14443 Type A 13.56 MHz), so you can read the card the spectator chooses.



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🎴 Introducing the Luna Flash Cards

Use your phone or Hugo Shelley's Insight to read the card the spectator chose.

The Luna NFC/RFID cards are high-quality, plastic cards with an NFC chip inside (ISO 14443 Type-A 13.56 MHz). These cards were manufactured by a professional printing company, and have a paper-like surface that feels great to handle. A deck includes 52 cards.

The set includes the following cards:

  • 26 A-Z cards
  • 10 0-9 cards
  • 10 color cards
  • 6 ESP cards

In addition to these flashcards, we offer a standard poker deck, and blank NFC/RFID cards that can be customized with stickers or written on with a marker.

You can use the cards with:

  • the PeekSmith app + your phone's NFC reader (assign any values to the cards)
  • the PeekSmith app + the Insight reader (program the cards with the PeekSmith app)

The cards are compatible with Hugo Shelley's Insight, and with most mobile phones with an NFC/RFID reader - the latest iPhones and Android phones are compatible. Please check your phone's specs, as some big brands have no NFC/RFID readers in them. If you can pay contactless with your phone at a Visa or MasterCard terminal, your phone likely has a reader, but we cannot guarantee it.

📦 What's Included

  • Moon card box
  • 26 A-Z cards
  • 10 0-9 cards
  • 10 color cards
  • 6 ESP cards

📕 Documentation

Do you have more questions? Read our NFC/RFID documentation for our comprehensive guide.

🤝 Compatible with


  • PeekSmith


  • Hugo Shelley's Insight
  • Phone NFC reader

📐 Specifications

  • Chip: ISO14443A
  • Dimensions: 63x88 mm
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