Marked Color Clown Cards


Premium quality paper cards
For the Color Clown app
Lovely clown drawing - great for a kids show
A clever marking system


Product details

The set contains 14 cleverly marked cards for Benke's upcoming Color Clown app. The spectator selects a card in secret, mentally sends the image and you will color an empty clown template with the same colors. The app will be available as a separate purchase later.

Premium Quality Cards

The cards made from the same 3 layered paper as other cards used by magicians (Bicycle, Phoenix). We have created them with our Butta Finish™ which might be one of the best finishes on the market for cardistry or just for working with the cards. They were manufactured by one of the largest professional printing companies.

Marked Card Backs

The easy-to-read (it would be hard to make it more simple, but it's still hard to find) smart marking system on the cards' back helps you to figure out the card selected by the spectator.

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