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What Makes GhostMove Unique?

GhostMove is a compact Bluetooth gadget, no bigger than a bottle cap, equipped with motion sensors. Featuring an embedded gyroscope and accelerometer, GhostMove is ideal for magic tricks involving motion detection. Conceal it within various objects, such as plush toys or boxes, and you'll instantly be aware when your audience interacts with the chosen item.

The GhostMove App, designed to complement this device, seamlessly connects with GhostMove, Spotted Dice, and SB Watch.

What is The Retail Price of GhostMove?

The price of GhostMove is 100$. Please read our Shipping page for details about VAT and customs fees.

How Can I Place an Order?

You can buy them in our Electricks Magic Shop. Please visit the GhostMove product page.

What are the dimensions of the device?

GhostMove is a bottle-cap-sized device, with 28mm diameter and 11mm height. The width at the cut edges is 24.8mm.

Does the button or the LED have functionality?

Button presses are reported via Bluetooth. The LED is only for giving you feedback that you can connect to the device.

What is the expected battery life?

The expected working hours with one battery are 20 hours, and the standby time is about 3-6 months. You can save the battery if you disconnect from the device as soon as you are not using it and don't move it. You can also remove the battery from it.

What kind of battery does the watch have?

It has a CR2032 button battery, which is the most common type of all. We have seen a few batteries are not fully compatible and working when they are not completely pushed in.

How difficult is it to replace the battery?

Just use a knife or screwdriver to push it out of the device.