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Movement (Single)


The Movement (Single) routine involves connecting to multiple devices and seamlessly identifying the most recently moved item. This routine is perfect for creating an engaging and interactive experience with your audience. It allows you to demonstrate your ability to sense moved objects, adding an element of mystery to your performance.


  1. Device Connection: Make sure all devices you’ll be using for this routine are paired and connected.
  2. Name your GhostMove Devices: Click on the home button where you will see all connected devices. Lifting one, it will wobble on your phone screen. Click on the GhostMove that wobbles, then rename it. For example, if you put a black sticker on the GhostMove and name it “black”. (If you also use PeekSmith, enter a one-char abbreviation for the display name, like by “black” use “b”).
  3. Select and Begin the Routine: In the app’s Settings, choose the “Movement (Single)” routine. Press Start to start the routine. The GhostMove you’re moving will vibrate and the app or the PeekSmith will display it.
  4. End of Routine: Hold one finger on the screen for 3 seconds to exit the routine.

During the routine, all connected devices are visible in the app, and the currently moved device wobbles and displays its name at the top, while on PeekSmith’s screen, the name of the currently moved GhostMove is displayed.

The Movement (Single) routine offers endless possibilities for creating a unique and captivating experience for your audience. Customize it to suit your style, and with the right setup and coordination, you can leave your spectators amazed and intrigued.