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GhostMove App


The GhostMove app can use following devices to detect movement:

For example, you can combine them in a routine, and ask the spectator to pick up one.

The GhostMove app can also use PeekSmith to display information for you.

The Routines

Go to the Settings page, and then to the General Settings section to select a routine you would like to perform.

The app has three routines:

  • Movement (single)
  • Movement (multi)
  • Which side is up

You can also turn the Audio assistant ON and OFF, and set GhostMove sensitivity in this section.

User Settings

In the User Settings section, you can login with your Google or Apple account. You will need this to activate the app. Once you have logged in, tap on the account number to enter your activation code you got with your purchase.


If you would like to use PeekSmith, turn it on in the Accessories section. Then if you scroll up, you can connect to your device.

Benke’s Bluetooth Screen and Smart Notifications are also supported to display information.