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Voice Recorder · PeekSmith


With the “Voice Recorder” PeekSmith app add-on you can record audio messages on your phone, and you can replay them at any time through any audio output (Mental Wave bone conduction device, Vision glasses, phone speaker, connected Bluetooth speaker, earpiece, etc). There are several options to trigger playing the recorded sounds.

This is a multi-purpose add-on. With Mental Wave, you can use it to play instructions to a spectator, see documentation for routine ideas. Also you can play sound effects (think about the sound of shaking a bottle with a coin) during your performance. Or you can also trigger playing background music for your show.

Soon we will add the option to upload audio files from a website as well.

It is a premium add-on, you can buy separately. If you purchase the Mental Wave bone conduction device, you get this add-on for FREE.

The price of the add-on is 25 EUR (one-time fee). Purchase the add-on here: bsmagic.app/payment/?item=voicerecorder

Using the Voice Recorder

In the PeekSmith app, go to Settings. Go to Add-On Features, and scroll to Voice Recorder.

Tapping the Manage button to see a list of your recordings and to add new. On the new screen you can manage them. Do a right swipe on their name, to see a stop and play button, and do a left swipe to reach the delete button. Give them a name by tapping on them. And with the Record new button, you can add another recording.

Your recordings will be saved to the cloud as a backup.

Playing Back the Recordings

In Settings, you can setup the wait before the playing, and repeats.

In general, there are two ways now to play the recordings: on the Play screen there is a new “Play Audio” button which opens a panel to play the items with a tap.

The other way is via actions. At the Settings screen, there is an Action Control section, you can assign “play audio recording” to SBMote, Atom, PeekSmith 3 / SuperPeek button presses (make sure that these devices are connected), volume up/down settings and some other ways of input.