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External Displays

External Displays” is a premium add-on for the PeekSmith app.

With the “External Displays” feature activated, you’ll be able to display text from the PeekSmith app on a variety of 3rd party devices, so you can enjoy most of the benefits of the app even if you don’t have a PeekSmith device.

The price of the add-on is 30 EUR (one-time fee).

The Add-On Currently Supports the Following Display Options:

    • Local Notifications (use any smartwatch or smartband)

    • WearOS Watches (Android only)

    • Pebble Watch (Android only)

    • Apple Watch (iOS only)

    • WEB Screen (in any browser)

    • BT Screen (on connected phones & tablets)

Local Notifications

Pebble Watch

Apple Watch

WEB Screen

BT Screen

Purchasing the "External Displays" Add-On

You can purchase the “External Displays” add-on for 30 EUR on this website:

You can also purchase the add-on on your mobile phone: open the PeekSmith app, then go to Settings, open the ADD-ON FEATURES section, scroll down to EXTERNAL DISPLAYS and you will see a yellow button. Tap the button to purchase the add-on for 30 EUR.

Activating Your Code

If you have already purchased the “External Displays” add-on, or received the code as a gift, you can activate the code by following the instructions on this page:



You can view the text sent from the PeekSmith app in any WEB browser. Open the following URL, and use your username/PIN to log in to the PeekSmith WEB-screen:


BT Screen

You can view the text sent from the PeekSmith app on another phone or tablet, using a Bluetooth connection. The other device should run the free BT Screen app. More info: