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Local Notifications

Using Local Notifications

Local Notifications is a feature that allows users to receive notifications on any smartwatch or smart band, in addition to their smartphone. This feature is part of the premium Multi-Display add-on. Please make sure your smart device can display notifications coming from the phone.

These notifications might be quite small and hard to read and they also disappear after some time, so this might not be the best option for those who are looking for more control over their notifications. Obviously, we recommend using PeekSmith 3 for visually peeking information.

Turning on Local Notifications

To use this feature, you will first need to go to the settings of the PeekSmith app and scroll down to the "Multi-display" option. Here, you can enable local notifications. Once enabled, you might already see a test notification on your smart device.

In order for the local notifications feature to work properly, you will need to adjust the notification settings for the PeekSmith app on your smartphone. On Android, you can do this by long-tapping the app icon, and then selecting "Notifications." Here, you will see two types of notifications, and for both of them, you should turn off app icon badges, gentle notifications, and banners. For lock screen notifications, you should select "Show" and you can allow interruptions.

You will also need to adjust the notification settings for the PeekSmith app on your smartwatch. The process for doing this will vary depending on your specific smartwatch, but generally, you will need to go to the notification settings in the stock application for your smartwatch and look for the PeekSmith app and enable notifications for it.

Once these settings are properly configured, you should start seeing notifications from the PeekSmith app on your smartwatch.

In case you don't need this feature anymore, you can always disable it from the PeekSmith app settings.