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API Access · PeekSmith


With the “API Access” PeekSmith app premium add-on you can send data from the PeekSmith app to any 3rd party WEB API, so you can integrate with other magic apps easily.

It is a premium add-on, you can buy separately.

The price of the add-on is 25 EUR (one-time fee). Purchase the add-on here: bsmagic.app/payment/?item=sendtoapi

Using API Access

To use the API Access add-on, follow these steps:


    • Open the PeekSmith app and go to the Settings tab.

    • In the Settings menu, navigate to the Add-On Features section.

    • You can manage URLs for data transmission by tapping on the Manage button next to the “Send Text to WEB API”.

    • Each URL can be customized to include data from PeekSmith by adding the hashtag and text (in all capitals) to specify where the data should be inserted.

The URLs can be personalized to different apps or services, and multiple URLs can be enabled simultaneously, sending the same data to each destination. Users can add, edit, disable, or delete URLs as needed.

If a URL starts with “http” or “https,” the data is sent in the background without opening any web pages within the PeekSmith app. However, if a custom URL scheme is used (not starting with “http”), it will open in a browser window or switch to the other app to complete the data transfer.

For more details, please watch the video above. The features are demonstrated with various examples, such as setting a time on a connected watch or interacting with NFC cards. Additionally, it mentions using web APIs as well.

Overall, the “API Access” add-on provides a versatile and powerful tool for extending the functionality of the PeekSmith app by connecting it with other apps, services, or web-based systems.