PeekSmith App Settings

Let's discuss all the options in the Settings tab. The first block called "PeekSmith Device" is about pairing the device. After tapping on the "Select PeekSmith" button, you will see a list of available devices. Tap on your device, and some options will appear:

When you start your app next time, it will try to connect to the PeekSmith device it was connected to. Also, if the device goes of out the Bluetooth range (about 10m), the app will reconnect when it becomes available again.

With the "Disconnect" button, you can disconnect your device.

Battery level

This shows the battery level in percentage. We recommend charging your device to 100% before your performance.

Brightness level (1-7)

PeekSmith has 7 different brightness levels, you can set the brightness level by tapping on this line. 1 is the darkest, good for a stage in a dark theatre. 7 is the brightest, good if you are performing in a bright environment. Select the best brightness that is readable for you, but not lights up your environment.

You can save a lot of battery if you set the brightness to a lower value. We recommend setting it to 5 or lower.

Long text scrolling

PeekSmith can display up to 84 characters on its screen (4 rows of 21 characters), however, it can be hard to read the smallest font size during a performance. With the middle font, you will get 22 characters (2 rows of 11 characters). If you would like to read more, you can try using the long text scrolling feature. Turning it on will scroll texts longer than 11 characters.

Scrolling speed (1-10) and Scrolling delay

This belongs to text scrolling, you can customize the scrolling speed and delay in milisecs.

Enable vibration

If you have a PeekSmith Two, PeekSmith 2B and PeekSmith 3 have a vibration motor. Turning on "Enable vibration" will vibrate the device when the app sends a new message to it. If you are using the device in your pocket, using this feature you will know when you have a new message