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What Makes Ray Unique?

Ray, our magnetic sensor device, employs state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint magnetic coins or objects accurately. When it detects a magnetic coin, it prompts your device to vibrate, indicating the coin’s hidden location or the presence of a magnetized object.

Offering a detection range of up to 20 cm (may vary by device, and the magnetic strength of the object), Ray ensures user-friendly operation and broad compatibility.

Ray is flexible about how you use it, it can be palmed or can be hidden in a wristband. Both will work well.

Last, but not least, Ray has more capabilities. It includes a very sensitive motion sensor and an accelerometer. They can be used to improve the magnet sensing features or for motion recognition. We are dedicated to utilizing these features as well.

What is the Retail Price of Ray?

The price of Ray is $247$277. Please read our Shipping page for details about VAT and customs fees.

How Can I Place an Order?

You can buy them in our Electricks Magic Shop. Please visit the Ray product page.

How Can I Wake Up (Turn ON) the Ray?

Just shake them, turn them to a different value and they will wake up and be ready to go.

How Can I Turn OFF the Ray?

Disconnect them from Bluetooth, and they’ll switch to low-power mode in a short time. If they are connected to an app, you can exit the app, or the PeekSmith app has a “Disconnect All” button.

How Does the Ray Connect to the Phone?

Ray has a Bluetooth chip inside. The phone or PeekSmith 3 connects directly (no thumper needed).

How Can I Charge the Ray?

You will get a wireless charger unit with a micro-USB port. Just plug it in, and you can charge up. We are using a proprietary solution for charging (common Qi wireless chargers are not compatible, as they need a large charging coil that would not fit).

What is the Expected Battery Life?

Ray should be able to work for 20 hours with a full charge. In low-power mode, they use minimal power, and discharge after a week or two.

What Kind of Battery Is the Ray Using?

Ray has a LiPo battery and can be fully charged about 500 times. It has battery protection inbuilt, if the battery runs down to a certain level, it protects from draining too far.

Is it Waterproof?

It is not water-proof, keep it away from water or wetness.

What is Included in a Ray order?

It contains a Ray device, a wireless charger, and a micro-USB cable.