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Heads or Tails?


The magician prompts the spectator to toss a coin onto the table, keeping its orientation a secret. With the spectator’s hand covering the coin, an aura of mystery envelops the situation, as neither knows which side is facing up. However, there’s a twist in the performance – the magician is already aware of the coin’s top side.


1: Set the stage: Begin by asking the spectator to toss the coin onto the table, ensuring that its orientation remains unknown.

2: Reveal: Without letting the spectator in on the secret, confidently state or initiate a guessing game about the side facing up.


The magician, having a trick up his sleeve (or under the table, to be precise), strategically attaches Ray before the show. Using Blu Tack or double-sided tape, he secures Ray under the specific area where the coin will land. It will discreetly relay that information to the magician.