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In this card routine, you’ll demonstrate an uncanny connection between a spectator and their chosen card by finding it in an impossible way. You will need a playing card with a hidden magnet as a key card.


1: Invite a volunteer: Begin by intriguing the audience with the idea of hidden connections and mysterious energies that bind us. Invite someone from the audience to join you.

2: Explain the experiment: Hand the deck to the participant and ask them to select a card without any influence freely. Have them remember the card and return it to the deck anywhere they wish.

3: Sensory perception: As the participant deals the cards, hold your hand over each, claiming to feel a unique energy emanating from the card that shares a connection with them.

4: Reveal the chosen card: Once you sense the magnetic field of the magnetic key card by using Ray (placed strategically after their chosen card), stop the spectator on that particular card. Dramatically turn it over to show it’s the same card the participant freely picked.


The participant’s free choice is crucial. A magnetic card is placed at the top of the deck, and when the spectator places the chosen card back into the deck, it gets sandwiched by the magnetic card. Sensing the magnetic force, you can identify the next card in the sequence, which happens to be the spectator’s chosen card.


  • Craft a narrative that emphasizes mysterious forces and connections to captivate the audience’s imagination.
  • Maintain engagement and intrigue throughout to enhance the impact of revealing the chosen card.