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Lucky Coin


In this routine, the magician will demonstrate an uncanny ability to identify their lucky coin among five envelopes. This coin believed to hold special powers, helps in arriving at vital decisions through a simple flip. Not only will the magician identify their unique coin but also determine its orientation within the envelopes.

Unboxing Video: Charging and Power Saving

Please note that there are some UI differences between SoulMate and SOUL.


1: Set the stage: Begin by introducing five envelopes and a single coin. Emphasizing the importance of this particular coin, referring to it as your “lucky coin” that aids in decision-making.

2: Audience participation: Call a spectator who has 4 coins in their wallet. Emphasizing that these coins can be of any denomination or type.

3: Coin placement: Ask the participant to place all five coins into the 5 envelopes, shuffling them to ensure complete randomness.

4: Reveal: As you move your hand over the envelopes, concentrate on sensing the magnetic field of your special coin. Gradually reveal the envelope containing your coin and confidently identify its position and whether it’s heads or tails, despite not opening the envelope.


The magician’s lucky coin is, in fact, a magnetic coin, allowing them to sense its presence and orientation through the magnetic field it generates.

Variation 2

Elevate the routine by performing multiple phases. Start with two coins and envelopes, then progress to three, and eventually five, making each phase increasingly challenging and seemingly impossible.


  • Craft a compelling narrative around the mystique of the lucky coin, creating intrigue and suspense within the audience.
  • Practice the routine meticulously, ensuring smooth execution and maintaining a captivating performance throughout.