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Which Hand


Probably this is the most trivial routine with a magnet sensor device. The magician will demonstrate the ability to figure out in which hand the spectator holds an object, and if it’s a coin, then which side is on the top.


1: Set the stage: Ask the spectator to hide your coin in one of her hand behind her back, and show their hands closed to you.

2: Reveal: As you move your hand over her hands, you can tell which hand hold the magnetic object. As an additional effect, you can also tell which side of the coin is on the top.


The magician gives a magnetic coin to the spectator. By using Ray, the presence or absence of the coin can be detected. The magician should touch the spectator’s hands with both of their hands, one with Ray in it. If Ray gives no signal, then the coin is in the other hand. In this case the magician should cross his hands, and can read the orientation of the coin.

Keep in mind, that if the spectator turns her hand to reveal the coin, then the magician should name the opposite side Ray indicates.