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Like most programming languages, MagiScript provides commenting capabilities that allow developers to annotate their code with useful information without affecting the code’s functionality.

Single-line Comments

Single-line comments in MagiScript are similar to those in JavaScript and are denoted by the two forward slashes (//). Anything written after the // on the same line will be considered a comment and will be ignored by the interpreter. Here is an example of a single-line comment:

					// This is a single-line comment in MagiScript
let x = 10; // This will set x to 10.

Multi-line Comments

MagiScript also supports multi-line comments, which are useful when you want to add comments that span multiple lines. Multi-line comments start with /* and end with */. Here is an example of a multi-line comment:

This is a multi-line comment in MagiScript
It can span multiple lines

Tips for Writing Good Comments

Good comments can make your code more readable and easier to understand, especially for other developers who may be working with the same code. Here are some tips:

  1. Be concise and to the point. Comments should provide useful information without being too verbose.
  2. Use comments to explain the purpose of your code, not what it does. The code should be self-explanatory, and comments should focus on explaining why the code exists and what problem it solves.
  3. Use comments to clarify any complex or confusing code. If a particular line or section of code is difficult to understand, add a comment to explain it.
  4. Avoid commenting on obvious things. Comments that simply repeat what the code is doing are not useful and can be distracting.
  5. Make sure your comments are up to date. If you make changes to your code, update the comments to reflect those changes.
  6. Use meaningful variable and function names to explain what are they about, so you won’t need comments.

By following these tips, you can write comments that will make your code easier to read, understand, and maintain.


Comments are great to write notes about the code. You can use them to understand what the code does and help the reader. Don’t overuse them, comments those are not providing new information are not useful.