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The Hardware of Atom

Atom comes with an RGB LED that can be used to display information. It can display any color, however, we have limited the colors to a list, and brightness is a constantly dimmed light at the moment.

Supported Colors

Atom currently supports the following colors:

  • w: white
  • x: black (LED off)
  • r: red
  • g: green
  • b: blue
  • y: yellow
  • o: orange
  • p: purple
  • c: cyan

Setting a Static LED Color

To set a static LED color, you need to send the letter of the color and a star (*) character. The star character will repeat the color infinitely, and the LED will not turn off.

					atom.led('r*'); // set the LED to red
atom.led('g*'); // set the LED to green
atom.led('x*'); // turn off the LED
atom.led('');   // turn off the LED

Sending Basic Color Sequences

To display a color sequence, you need to send the letters of the colors in a row. Each color will be displayed for 50 ms.

					atom.led('rgb'); // red, green, blue, then off


You can combine it with infinite repeats by adding a star character at the end.

					atom.led('rb*'); // red and blue colors will alternate
atom.led('rx*'); // red will blink (red, off will alternate)


You can control how long a color will stay displayed by adding timing characters to set the time. The default is 50ms, and you can override it with these characters:

					.   50 ms
-   250 ms
=   1000 ms

You Can Use It Like This:

					atom.led('r');      // red for 50 ms, then off
atom.led('r.');     // red for 50 ms, then off
atom.led('r..');    // red for 100 ms, then off
atom.led('r-');     // red for 250 ms, then off
atom.led('r=');     // red for 1000 ms, then off
atom.led('r=-');    // red for 1250 ms, then off
atom.led('r=x..*'); // red for 1000 ms, then off for 100 ms, and repeat


You can specify the number of repeats by adding exclamation marks (!) at the end of the pattern. The repeat-related characters must be at the end of the pattern; otherwise, they will be ignored. These are the two characters to control the repeats:


!   repeat +1 times
*   repeat infinite times

And you can use them like this:

atom.led('r x=');     // red for 50 ms then off for 1 s - once
atom.led('r x=!');    // red for 50 ms then off for 1 s - once
atom.led('r x=!!');   // red for 50 ms then off for 1 s - twice
atom.led('r x=!!!');  // red for 50 ms then off for 1 s - three times
atom.led('r x=*');    // red for 50 ms then off for 1 s - infinitely



That’s it! We hope this documentation page has been helpful in using the RGB LED of Atom in MagiScript. Remember, you can play color patterns with atom.led(‘r*’) calls, where the parameter is a color pattern consisting of the supported colors (‘w’, ‘x’, ‘r’, ‘g’, ‘b’, ‘y’, ‘o’, ‘p’, ‘c’), timing characters (‘.’, ‘-‘, ‘=’), and repeat characters (‘!’, ‘*’).