We have some magic related JavaScript objects we support, like a time or card object. You will get them from functions, or pass them to functions. Expect more objects and functions coming.

Time - parseTime

Time has 4 properties: hours, minutes, seconds and text.

let time = parseTime('714');
console.log(time.text, time.hours, time.minutes, time.seconds);

You can use the string representation to set the time on an SB Watch, for example:


Or display it on a PeekSmith:


Card - parseCard

Card has many properties: pos, name, code, color, value.

let card = parseCard('QH');
console.log(card.pos);   // 37 - pos in "simple" stack
console.log(card.code);  // 37 - pos in "simple" stack
console.log(card.name);  // QH
console.log(card.value); // 11 - Queen
console.log(card.color); // 2  - Hearts

The name property ('4C' in this case) can be sent to PeekSmith and it will recognize it as a poker card when Smart Text is ON. The code is the position of the card in the "simple" stack (color * 13 + value).