MagiScript offers some system related functions, like:

  • exit() - the code will stop running
  • sleep() - Atom turns off
  • rand() - for random number generation

Let's see how you can use them.


The exit function stops the execution of the actually running MagiScript mini-app. When no device is connected to Atom, it will turn off after waiting for a connection.



The sleep function turns off Atom. If the code was not persisted, it also means it forgets the code running.



The rand function generates a random number. Can be called with 0, 1 or 2 parameters.

let n = rand();        // integer between 0 and 2,147,483,647
let n = rand(52);      // integer between 0 and 52
let n = rand(-10, 10); // integer between -10 and 10

The minimum number specified or used by default will be included in the set of available number. The maximum number is excluded. So you can use it like this:

sbwatch.setTime(rand(12), rand(60)); // random time
db.query('card', 'new', rand(52));   // random card


These system related functions will help you to control Atom, or to generate random numbers.

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