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Battery Replacement · CubeSmith Cubes

When Should You Replace the Batteries?

You will need to replace the battery in the CubeSmith cubes quite rarely. Depending on your usage, a battery can work for more than a year, according to the factories, they work 280-365 hours. The cube will not connect or disconnect when the battery is low.

Buying Batteries

All the cubes we are selling have a replaceable CR1632 button battery. Changing the battery is quite simple, you will need a tiny screwdriver and nothing more.

CR1632 batteries are widely available and can be found at many retail stores and online retailers. Some places where you can purchase them include:

  • Local department stores
  • Electronics stores
  • Drug stores
  • Online retailers such as Amazon or eBay

Our experience is that big-brand batteries are not necessarily better than cheap batteries, it's OK to buy the cheapest.

Replacing the Battery

You have to slightly disassembly the cube. It may look scary, but not a difficult process. Make sure you watch some videos about it, and that you are doing it on a table. You don't have to worry if a cube falls apart, you will be able to build it together again. The process is the same, but we have a video for every of our cube.

CubeSmith Classic / Xiaomi Cubes

CubeSmith Chroma / GAN Monster Go AI cubes

CubeSmith Deluxe / Xiaomi Core, Giiker pieces

The process is the same as the CubeSmith Classic / Xiaomi cubes above.