Camera Snapshot · CubeSmith app

About the Routine

The spectator mixes the cube, then takes a photo of the mixed cube with their smartphone (or camera). Then they mix the cube again... You are turning away from all this, so you don't have a clue what's on their photo, and how they mixed the cube afterward. Still, you can "solve" the cube behind your back, so it will match the pattern on the photo they took.


Select "Camera snapshot" as the routine, and set the option "Wait after mixing" to either 3sec (when practicing) or 10-15sec (when performing). Turn on "Audio guide (speech)" if you'd like to get the audio guide, and select any of the "Onscreen display" options. Then start the routine... Wait till the blue progress bar completes and "Ready to go" or "GO" appears after displaying the name of the routine.

Then at any time, you give the cube to the spectator to mix, while you turn away. When they are ready, ask them to take a photo of the mixed cube with their smartphone (or camera), in a way that 3 sides of the cube are visible. If you have an internet connection, a prediction photo will be generated at this point, and you will see "Prediction generated" or a "🙂" on the screen. If you have no internet connection, you will see "Prediction not generated" or a "🙁".

Then ask them to mix the cube again... With each turn the timer resets, so you will have to wait X seconds after the shuffle to proceed with solving. So after mixing they give the cube back behind your back, and you start solving it...

The first two moves will always be "Top and right in any direction" or "U R", this way the app will know how you're holding the cube. Then you should follow the steps to solve the cube. If you make a mistake, the app will insert a correction move. If you make too many mistakes in a row, the whole solving process will start over.

When the cube is solved, you will see "The cube is solved" or a 🙂 smiley on the screen. Now you ask the spectator to show you the photo they just took of the mixed cube, and you can verify if the cube matches the photo. And voila... you have just matched the pattern on their photo!

You can restart the routine at any point by turning ANY side of the cube 4 times in opposite directions (forward-back-forward-back). Also, you can switch routines while the name of the routine is still being displayed, you do this by turning any side of the cube forward (next routine) or backward (previous routine). Remember to always wait for "Ready to go" before you start the routine, so you wouldn't accidentally switch routines!