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Camera Snapshot · CubeSmith app


In this magic routine, you’ll use the CubeSmith App to solve two Rubik’s Cubes simultaneously.


Start by preparing for the routine. Ensure you have the CubeSmith App installed on your phone and select the “Dual Solve” routine from the App’s menu.

As the routine begins, the CubeSmith App will display instructions for both Rubik’s Cubes. The instructions for the left cube will be on the left side of the screen, and those for the right cube on the right side. You’ll follow these instructions to manipulate the cubes, essentially solving them simultaneously. It’s important to perform the moves exactly as instructed, and you’ll notice that the app alternates instructions between the two cubes, creating an engaging and synchronized effect.

You can also add your PeekSmith, where left and right arrows guide your moves.

Practice for a smooth, flawless performance!