Dice Thumper · PeekSmith 3


PeekSmith 3 can connect directly to Spotted Dice and Kinetic Mental Dice by Marc-Antoine from the beginnings, and act like a visual display to show the dice values.

With firmware v1.7.7, we have improved our vibration functionality to offer you a flexible, configurable solution as a dice thumper.

Connect Your Dice

To connect your dice, long press the front right button of PeekSmith 3. It will start looking for Bluetooth devices it can work with, and connect to them. Make sure your dice are not connected to an app or device, and ready for the connection.

PeekSmith 3 should display the dice on its screen. It can work with up to six dice.

Visual Display

This feature is the default, and needs no setup. However, you have many options to configure it. Enter to the PeekSmith 3 settings by pressing the two front buttons. Navigate with the front left button, change a setting with the front right button, and exit the settings by pressing the side button. These are the related settings:

  • Dice Presentation: the value of a die can be displayed visually as dots, or as a number. Use the option which is the most readable for you.
  • Dice Order: by default, the dice will be displayed in connection order, which is not determined. You can sort the dice by value (lower value die will be the first) or by color (red, white, blue, black, green is the order).
  • Dice Movement Indication: Spotted Dice has a sensitive movement sensor, which can report if a die is moving. PeekSmith can indicate it with
    • a green border (Border),
    • hiding the dice value while it is moving (Hidden),
    • changing how the value is displayed (if you set the Dice Presentation to dots, the die value is in move will be displayed as a number), or
    • dimming the dice not in move (Focus).


Basic thumper functionality were exists in recent firmware, but now you have many options to set it up according to your needs. You can enter the PeekSmith 3 settings as we have described in the previous section.

  • Dice Thumper Vibrations: it is Disabled by default. Enable it if you would like to receive dice values as vibrations. There are two options, First Die will vibrate the first die value only, while All Dice will play all values.
  • Vibration Screen Off: when you are using PeekSmith as a thumper, you like don't want to check to screen. Enable this feature to save power, PS3 will turn off the screen when vibrate dice values.
  • Vibration Num Pattern: you can select the best vibration pattern that works for you. Only shorts will play as many short vibrations as the die's value. Long means 3 will play value 1 and 2 with short vibrations, but value 3 with a long vibration. Value 5 will be represented as one long and two short vibrations (-..) - the long vibration means 3. There are Long means 4, Long means 5 and Long means 6 setting as well. And you can set to play the values as the international morse code defines.
  • Vibration Repeats: PeekSmith can repeat the values several times. By default there's no repeat.
  • Vibration Strength: you can fine tune the vibration strength that works the best for you. Depending on how you hold the device, or it is in your pocket or sock :), different strength will be the best.
  • Timings: you can set the length of the vibrations, like the length of a short, long vibration, the time between two values, (space), the pause between two short/long vibration and the gap between two repeats.
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