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Smart Text


Smart Text is a feature to transform a text message content to a graphical representation. For example if you are sending the text “:)”, and the Smart Text feature is ON, then it will display a smiley, not the double colon and the bracket. Or, if you are sending the text “AH 7D”, it will display two cards, an Ace of Hearths and a Seven of Diamonds.

You can turn the feature ON and OFF in the PeekSmith menu, see the basics of Standalone Mode about entering the menu and changing the settings.


PeekSmith 3 can display up-to 3 cards. The text should be separated by whitespace (spaces, new lines). You can control how the cards are displayed – it can be “Text”, “Visual + Text” and “Visual”. The “Visual + Text” is displaying a card and a text if it’s one card, and displays cards when it is 2-3 cards. The “Visual” is always showing a card.

While generally we think this is a great feature, color-blind users might struggle to recognize colors, and should turn off this feature (or switch to “Text” or “Visual + Text”).

These text will be transformed:

  • single-letter cards: “A”-”Z
  • single-digit numbers: “0”-”9
  • question mark: “?
  • poker cards: “AH”, “7D”, “10S”, and so on
  • ESP symbols: “circle”, “cross”, “plus”, “waves”, “square”, “star”, “triangle”, and “infinity” (case insensitive, so “circle“, “Circle” and “CIRCLE” are all work
  • colors: “white”, “green”, “red”, “orange”, “blue”, “yellow”, “purple”, “brown”, “black”, “grey”, “pink”, “silver”, “gold”, “bronze”, “violet” – and the “#123456” representation is also supported – it is case insensitive, so “red“, “Red” and “RED” all work

For example, sending the text “A 7C Yellow” will display 3 cards, an “A” single-letter card, a Seven of Clubs and a yellow card.

Cards: A 7C Yellow

Icons / Smileys

PeekSmith 3 can also recognize smileys and icons. One icon, and a maximum 10 characters of text is supported. The text is optional. They should be separated by a space.

  • supported smileys: :), :-), :D, :-D, ^^, :(, :-(, :x, :-x, :|, :-|
  • supported icons: :up:, :down:, :left:, :right:, :yes:, :ok:, :correct:, :no:, :incorrect:, :like:, :dislike:, <3, :heart:, :temp:, :reload:, :mix:, :shuffle:

For example, sending “:)” will display a smiley, or sending “:ok: DONE” will display a checkmark and the text DONE.

Smiley: :)Icons: :ok: DONE