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Impression Pads


PeekSmith 3 can directly connect to impression pads, without the need of a phone. Make sure you have a latest firmware.

Currently, we support these pads (the PeekSmith app has a longer list):

  • Audience in Wonderland Pad (Lumen)
  • Telepathy Pad
  • Pitata Whiteboard
  • Pitata Memopad

Connect Your Impression Pad

To connect the impression pad, long press the front right button of PeekSmith 3. It will start looking for Bluetooth devices it can work with, and connect to them. Make sure your PeekSmith 3 and the impression pad are NOT connected to your phone or to an other device, and ready for the connection.

When the connection is successful, PeekSmith 3 is ready to display the drawing.

You have many options to configure the behaviour. Enter to the PeekSmith 3 settings by pressing the two front buttons. Navigate with the front left button, change a setting with the front right button, and exit the settings by pressing the side button. These are the related settings:

  • Side Button Press - you can assign an action to the side button's press, the relevant action is "Clear Screen" - it clears the screen
  • Left Button Press - same as the side button press, but for the front left button.
  • Right Button Press - same as the side button press, but for the front right button.
  • SBWatch Crown Press - when SB Watch has been paired with your PeekSmith 3 directly, you can assign an action to the crown press of the watch, too.
  • Drawing Boldness - You can pick a "Normal" 1-pixel line for detailed drawings or go "Bold" with a 2-pixel line for simpler sketches.
  • Drawing Auto Clear - If you ask your spectator to write several words or work with more spectators and they are writing multiple words, then you might find this feature useful. By default is "Never", but set it to a different value (like 15 sec), and if there's a longer pause between two drawings than your setting, then it will clear the screen when the next drawing starts.